Whole-Home Mechanical Ventilation

Whole-home mechanical ventilation uses positive and balanced pressure systems to create healthy ventilation from room to room, no matter the home.

New Zealanders are no strangers to older homes that have natural cracks and gaps throughout the house. In both summer and winter, these homes ‘naturally breathe’ as fresh air enters the home and stale air exits.

The problem is that these natural gaps can also mean overly chilly rooms and higher heating costs in winter. Fortunately, there is a ventilation solution.

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Whole-home mechanical ventilation

Whole-home mechanical ventilation systems work throughout the house by using a positive pressure system to force fresh, clean air into the home, and force old, stale air out through the natural cracks.

This type of system is best for older homes that already have natural breathing, as it turns a negative into a positive. It uses a smart controller to operate a fan located in the ceiling that has a special filtration system to reduce particles in the air, allowing clean air to circulate through the property. This type of ventilation gives you control over those natural gaps and cracks, allowing you to reduce energy waste and increase your comfort throughout the year.

For newer homes, a similar option exists using a balanced pressure and energy recovery system. When a home is airtight and well insulated (and therefore does not naturally breathe), the system draws fresh air from outside and cycles out stale air through inlet and exhaust vents. More advanced systems will even temper the cooler incoming air with warmer stale air in order to recover energy and therefore reduce energy waste for a more efficient system overall.

Installing either system can ensure that rental property owners meet their ventilation obligations under the Healthy Homes Act.

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Choose MC Electrical for whole-house mechanical ventilation in Wellington

Whether you have an older home that needs help in controlling the natural ventilation, or a newer home that needs improved ventilation, MC Electrical can make it happen.

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