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Mechanical ventilation keeps homes dry and warm. Find out which ventilation systems will work best for you with MC Electrical.

Mechanical whole-house ventilation systems are a fantastic way to bring healthy air into multiple rooms, and reduce mould and condensation across the whole house. There are several kinds, which act in different ways to move air around.

Choosing the right Ventilation makes a big difference to your house

Positive pressure systems

These create a drier, warmer environment by drawing the heated air from your roof cavity, filtering it, and distributing it throughout the home via ducting and vents. The dry, warm, filtered air pushes out the old stale air, and this cycle is repeated regularly to ensure it is constantly replenished. Positive pressure systems are ideal for older homes which breathe naturally.

Balanced pressure systems

More airtight (often newer-build) homes may be better suited to a balanced pressure system of mechanical ventilation, as they have little natural airflow. The balanced pressure system works by bringing in air from outside to circulate around the house while extracting old air through an exhaust vent. This allows for air movement even in a well-sealed home. Such systems can be upgraded for more energy efficiency, tempering incoming cold air and recycling heat energy. 

MC Electrical can advise you on the best way to ventilate your home with a mechanical system, taking into account the age and design of your home—along with your budget—to help you decide on the top option. Give us a call or send a message to discuss the possibilities.

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