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MC Electrical are experts in kitchen ventilation, providing quality products and installation all around the Wellington area.

Kitchens are the heart of the home or office, but they are also utility rooms that are often filled with steam, smoke, smells, and other vapours that can potentially cause harm to the walls and ceilings. Proper ventilation in any cooking space is important, and there is more than one way that can be achieved.

The primary method of ventilation in a kitchen is the tried-and-trusted rangehood; a feature of domestic and commercial kitchens since, well, ages ago.

 Located directly above the stovetop to catch steam, they vary widely in style—so we can help you find one to suit your space, whether it’s a stylish and modern industrial room full of stainless steel or a cozy family kitchen with lots of colour. Most are available in sizes 600mm or 900mm wide to match standard electric or gas cooktops. Rangehoods are ducted either straight out the interior wall or through the ceiling to a soffit. We install all of them with a separate isolating switch which allows them to be quickly and safely turned off in an emergency. The MC Electrical team can guide you through the process of selecting and installing the rangehood that works and looks good in your kitchen.

If your kitchen space is too small for a rangehood or installing one is impractical for any reason, never fear—MC Electrical can help with that, too! In these cases, we can install 150mm fans like the ones often found in bathrooms, ducted to an exterior wall or soffit. These can effectively mitigate condensation, smells, and steam in a kitchen area.

A well-ventilated kitchen is safer and much more pleasant to cook and spend time in. Talk to the team about your kitchen ventilation needs in the Wellington area.

Kitchen Ventilation Wellington kitchen ventilation - Beautiful Kitchen Ventilation Circle - Kitchen Ventilation

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