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Properly ventilating your bathroom is extremely important to a comfortable, dry home—you will notice the difference!

Bathrooms can get steamy. With so much hot water and steam from sinks, showers, and bathtubs, it’s no wonder that dampness and moisture can become a problem in a bathroom that’s not properly ventilated. MC Electrical offers a range of bathroom ventilation products in the Wellington area, and we can take you through the process from choosing the right system to installing it and servicing it.

Our bathroom ventilation offerings include:

  • Inline fans, ducted through the ceiling and out to the soffit. Quiet, powerful, and unobtrusive, these fans come in a range of styles and suit many bathrooms. 
  • Through-wall fans, which duct directly through the wall to the closest exterior wall. The auto-shutter model closes the fan when it is switched off to prevent any backdraught. 12V models are available which are safe to use in wet areas such as above a shower.

Both types of fan can be installed as standard or with run-on delay timers which keep them running for a while after you switch the light off, to ensure full ventilation. They can also delay starting the fan up for a short time after you switch the light on, making it easier to avoid the noise of a fan during a brief toilet visit.

Both of the fans described above do a great job of removing steam and moisture from any bathroom and have specific benefits that may be related to the layout of your house as well as how you use your space. Get in touch with MC Electrical to ensure you get the bathroom ventilation system and product that works best for your needs, installed to a high standard.

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