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Bathroom ventilation is vital for a healthy bathroom without mould, mildew or odours. MC Electrical can install or replace your bathroom ventilation.

From steamy hot showers to running sinks and flushing toilets, the bathroom is the wettest, dampest room in the house, and it desperately needs good ventilation.

The high humidity and dampness of bathrooms can quickly lead to mould, mildew, and other problems such as peeling paint, splitting plywood and timber, and a funky unwelcome smell. An open window is certainly beneficial, although Wellington’s famous weather is not always particularly helpful in drying out a bathroom.

For New Zealand landlords, an extractor fan in the bathroom is a requirement as per the Healthy Homes Ventilation Standards to ensure good ventilation. These fans must have a minimum diameter of 120mm, and a minimum exhaust capacity of 25 litres per second.

Bathroom ventilation in Wellington

In a region as notoriously chilly and rainy a Wellington, good bathroom ventilation is an absolute must. In fact, Census data suggests that as many as one in five Wellington homes struggle with mould, and aside from the unpleasant look and smell of a damp home, it can also be a health issue, affecting those with asthma and allergies in particular.

A bathroom fan can fight dampness and stale air by extracting moisture and exhausting it outside, leaving the indoors dry and free from bad odours and mould.

To make the most of your bathroom fan, you should:

  • Clean it twice per year to remove dust and grime
  • Open the window when you can to assist ventilation
  • Wiping up large puddles for faster drying
  • Running the fan for longer than just the time you’re in the shower
  • Leave the shower door open for better circulation
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