Switchboard Servicing

Your switchboard is the heart of your home’s electric wiring system, and is therefore responsible for ensuring electricity moves from the main supply to the circuits throughout your property as needed.

That’s why it’s so important that your switchboard is properly maintained. Older boards can be more likely to malfunction, and can present a safety risk, and even new boards may need to be checked as new electrical wiring rules and standards come into play.

How to get the most out of your switchboard

As a switchboard is such an important part of your home’s electrical system, it is an area you need to pay attention to. A skilled electrician, such as the team at MC Electrical, can ensure your switchboard is working safely and efficiently, or can offer advice for installing a new switchboard that better meets your electrical needs and current best standards.

We can:

  • Upgrade existing switchboards to meet current standards
  • Install brand new switchboards to give you the latest technology available
  • Retrofit older switchboards, such as ACMs, for increased safety and functionality
  • Check your existing switchboard for current or potential issues

These maintenance and installation tasks are vital for any household or business, as they can minimise the risk of an older or malfunctioning switchboard becoming a fire hazard. They can also ensure your switchboard is up to the task of powering your home, as older boards may not be designed to power the variety of modern appliances available today.

It can also make it easier for you to identify the circuits on your switchboard, which can give you more knowledge about your electricity, and potentially even save you the cost of a call out.

Switchboard needing servicing switchboard servicing - Switchboard needing servicing - Switchboard Servicing

Call MC Electrical to service your switchboard

Whether your switchboard has been causing problems, or you have determined that it needs upgrading, or you simply want the peace of mind of having it checked, MC Electrical can help.

Give us a call on 0800 MC WORK (62 9675) or get in touch on our contact page with your questions.