Meter Boards

A meter board is the initial point of entry for the mains cable, it houses the master isolating switch and energy meter for your property.

It also acts as the central point for your mains power supply, and is the first point of distribution for your home – this includes the main earthing system and the main isolation point for the whole electrical system throughout your property.

Typically, your utility company will send an inspector to install a smart meter, but the rest of the work – such as running a mains cable to the street pole or pillar box, installing the meter box, installing fittings, and ensuring the installation is safe – is completed by a qualified electrician. This is vital work, and we as electricians have to sign off on it, and also have an electrical inspector check the work.

Meter board reading meter boards - Meterboard reading - Meter Boards

Moving, installing, and updating meter boards in Wellington

A meter board is a must for new builds, and MC Electrical can install one whether it’s for a standard domestic home, or a large multi-unit apartment building.

The traditional meter is an analogue meter, which is sometimes also known as a legacy meter, and is the type that requires a meter reader to visit in person to check the electricity use. However, new smart meters are now the norm – they are currently used in more than 80% of New Zealand residential properties – and automatically sends data to your utility company. This negates the need for a meter reader to visit in person, and ensures an accurate electricity bill every time.

MC Electrical can work with analogue or smart meters, and can make the switch from an older meter to a new one. We can also relocate them from indoors to outdoors, or wire boards for metering houses.

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MC Electrical for all your meter board needs

MC Electrical is the Wellington electrician you can trust to turn up on time, do a great job, and leave your property tidy. We always seek to find more energy efficient solutions for customers, and we consistently work to be a more eco-friendly company as well.

Our friendly team is experienced with relocating and installing meter boards throughout Wellington and surrounds, so call us on 0800 62 9675 or get in touch with your project and questions.