Switchboards and meter boards are the hub of a property’s electrical system. MC Electrical knows switchboards and meter boards inside out, and can help with everything from installations to upgrades.

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Switchboard servicing

A switchboard is essential for the home’s electrical wiring, distributing power where it’s needed. If your switchboard is older, or giving you cause for concern such as flickering lights or blown fuses, MC Electrical can inspect your unit and either make improvements or upgrade it for one better suited to your property’s needs.

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Switchboard upgrades

Older switchboards can overload and damage appliances, and even become a fire hazard. An upgrade to a newer model that can sustain a variety of power-hungry modern appliances will provide added safety for your property. Newer models are also far easier to operate in case of a fault, and are much more effective when trying to identify where a fault came from, saving you money on call outs and cutting down the time that an electrician will need to be on site.

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Switchboard installations

Building new? Whether it’s a future family home or an apartment building, MC Electrical can wire and install new switchboards. We work with modern units for the latest in safety technology and our qualified electricians won’t cut corners in this vital task.

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Meter boards

Meter boards monitor energy use in order to determine power bills. MC Electrical can relocate meter boards, install new boards, or can arrange to update an older analogue model to a new smart meter from your power service provider.

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Temporary power boards

A temporary power board is a simple solution for builders and other contractors who require power on site to work, but the site either hasn’t been built yet or does not have an operating electrical system. MC Electrical offers an easy rental, installation, and removal service that ensures reliable power when you need it.

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Switchboards and meter boards are the key to electrical connections throughout residential and commercial properties. MC Electrical is experienced and qualified when it comes to installations, servicing, and upgrades for these units, ensuring safer, more reliable power for everyone. Get in touch via our contact page, or call us on 0800 MC WORK (62 9675) to discuss your needs and get your free, no-obligation quote.