Downlights are a modern and eco-friendly lighting option. MC Electrical has certified, friendly electricians ready to install downlights in Wellington.

Downlights are a modern and popular form of lighting, and can be placed anywhere in the home to improve general illumination, but also to enhance an interior design scheme. These lights are recessed into the ceiling and provide a narrow beam aiming down into the room below, making them suitable for all types of lighting.

The challenge for most people is that downlights can cost more than their traditional counterparts, and will require certified electricians to install. However, the benefits of installing downlights often greatly outweigh the cons.

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What are the benefits of installing downlights?

  • Versatile: Downlights can be functional above a kitchen workspace, ambient for general room lighting, or accent for highlight specific areas or items
  • Space saving: As downlights are fitted into ceiling recesses, they do not drop down into the room, giving the space a larger, more open appearance
  • Energy savings: Downlights use LED technology, which means lower power bills
  • Eco-friendly: Thanks to their LED bulbs, downlights are more eco-friendly
  • Modern: Downlights can give your home a modern, chic appearance
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What types of downlights are there?

The most common type of downlight is a fixed downlight, which means the light cannot move once it is in place. These types are usually used for general illumination.

Another type are surface mounted downlights (SMD), which are used when it is impossible or impractical to set downlights into the ceiling, such as when there is a concrete ceiling. In this case, the downlight will not be recessed into the ceiling, but rather attached to the ceiling. A key benefit of using SMDs is that there is less heat loss, as there are no holes in the ceiling where room heat can escape.

The final type of downlight is less common, known as a gimble downlight. This type can be moved to point in various directions by tilting its frame, and is most commonly used on angled ceilings.

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Downlight installation in Wellington

MC Electrical loves installing downlights in Wellington, as they offer homeowners another step towards reducing power bills and carbon footprints.

If you have any questions about downlight installation, or are ready for a punctual, certified, and friendly electrician to install them in your home, simply give us a ring on 0800 MC WORK (62 9675) or get in touch via our contact us page today.