Heat Pump Selection

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Crucial to reaping the benefits of a heat pump in your home or office space is choosing the right one.

There are many different options: single-split heat pumps (where one indoor unit connects to one outdoor unit), multi-split heat pumps (where multiple indoor units connect to one outdoor unit), and ducted heat pumps (where warm air blows through ducts, either to ducts in the entire building or specific zones). 

Different heat pump models also have varying degrees of energy efficiency, which is a major factor for most homeowners or property owners when choosing any appliance. Most models will come with an Energy Rating Label assigned by Energywise, a government agency. These can help those purchasing a heat pump to find one which will cost less to run in the long term—and have a smaller environmental footprint too, which is a bonus!

Choosing the right Heat Pump makes a big difference to your house

Heat pumps also come in a range of sizes to suit differently-sized rooms. A larger one has more power to heat or cool bigger spaces, but bigger is not necessarily better. When deciding on your model, you should carefully consider whether you want to heat just one room, multiple rooms, or the whole house. This will guide your selection—as will the quality of your home’s insulation, as faster heat loss requires a more powerful heat pump to keep up. Thinking about the space you want to heat will also inform the placement of your new heat pump.

There are many points to take into consideration when picking the heat pump to suit a specific space—and MC Electrical is here to provide expert guidance. We are experienced in all things heat pump, and well-versed in determining which types are best for which homes, offices, or other buildings. Get in touch with the team to talk about your heating and cooling needs!

Heat Pump Selection Wellington  - Heat Pump choice Circle - Heat Pump Selection

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