Heat Pump Relocation

Heat pumps are wonderful things, but they’re not easy to shift. MC Electrical has the specialised skills, tools, and experience to relocate your heat pump.

Heat pumps are beloved appliances, especially during chilly Wellington winters. Not only can they keep a home warm and dry with relatively little energy use, they can also operate as air conditioners through the warmer months.

The problem is that they’re not exactly easy to shift. The heat pump may have been placed poorly to adequately heat and cool your home to begin with, or perhaps you’re looking to renovate and need to relocate the appliance, or perhaps you simply prefer it to be somewhere less intrusive in your interior design scheme.

Unfortunately, unlike many heaters and other appliances, it’s not just a case of unplugging it and shifting it elsewhere before plugging it in again.

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Relocating a heat pump

Relocating a heat pump is something of a complicated process. These are the key steps you would need to take to move a heat pump to a new area within your home.

  • Disconnect and make safe the electrical system on the outside of the unit
  • Pump the refrigerant out of the lines and disconnect the pipes
  • Move the heat pump to the new location
  • Rerun new piping and cabling as required and connect up the unit
  • Add refrigerate fluid, connect up the electrical circuit and commission the unit

As much as Kiwis love DIY, this is not a task for the at-home handyman or handywoman. There are several steps that take specialised knowledge, skills, tools, and certification.

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MC Electrical can relocate your heat pump

MC Electrical doesn’t just know these steps by heart, we’ve done them often enough that we can complete heat pump relocations efficiently and on time. We have the right tools, experience, skills, and qualifications for the job, and we’ll even arrive at the work site on time and leave it just as tidy as when we found it.

Get in touch to discuss your heat pump relocation by freephone 0800 629675, or get in touch via our contact page.