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Expert heat pump advice and installations for homes and businesses around Wellington.

Heat pumps are the most efficient way of heating or cooling a building with electricity, and they are a popular choice for homes and commercial properties around the nation. They can also act as dehumidifiers and air purifiers—a fantastic appliance and one that’s relatively eco-friendly in New Zealand where much of our electricity comes from renewable sources.

The MC Electrical team are well-versed in the world of heat pumps, and can offer guidance in selecting the right one as well as carry out installations quickly and to a high standard.

What we specialise in

Heat Pump Selection

Choosing the right heat pump for the space it’s intended to heat or cool is crucial! Having expert guidance when it comes to heat pump selection is valuable, and MC Electrical provides this to home and property owners around the Wellington region.


Heat Pump Servicing

Regular servicing appointments will keep your heat pump in good shape and operating efficiently for years to come. The MC Electrical team can perform cleaning, checking, and routine maintenance to make sure your pump is in tip-top condition.


Heat Pump Installation

Once you know which heat pump is right for your space, MC Electrical can install it quickly and tidily. Installation is available around the Wellington area and our service is efficient, clean, friendly, and professional. 


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