Switchboard Upgrades

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A malfunctioning switchboard is not only annoying but it can also pose a huge safety risk.

 Older switchboards often have no RCD protection, which is a requirement for all new installations. They can often be very messy with cables everywhere, too—this makes it tricky to see circuits and fuses should you need to.

Upgrading your switchboard and tidying up and replacing the cabling provides peace of mind, and ensures that it will work smoothly in the years to come.

 It greatly reduces any risk of electrocution or fires starting—both of which are, of course, events to be avoided at all cost! A switchboard upgrade means future-proofing your home and keeping everyone inside it a little bit safer. It also makes like a lot easier when it comes time to replace a fuse—a messy old board with cabling all over the place is tricky to navigate, as many homeowners will have discovered. Modern switchboards are much easier to deal with.

If you think your switchboard is in need of an upgrade, give MC Electrical a call. We are experienced Wellington electricians and can offer great rates and quick service when it comes to replacing a switchboard. Not sure if you need to upgrade just yet? Call us for an expert opinion. We can come out to inspect your current setup and advise you on the best way forward.

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