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Electrical Maintenance  - Electrical Maintenance - Electrical Maintenance And Inspections

Staying on top of maintenance is hugely important, particularly when it comes to electrics which can become a fire hazard as they age.

Fixing problems as they arise is good, but keeping ahead of any issues is even better—particularly for our commercial clients in the Wellington region running plant equipment and machinery. Regular inspections help to avoid breakdowns in crucial equipment and keep your operations running smoothly. It also prevents large-scale, expensive repairs down the road. 

We can help you with your electrical maintenance and inspections

Preventative maintenance 

Maintenance and inspections are a great investment for any company that relies on electric tools and equipment to function. MC Electrical can carry out checks on electrical machinery, appliances, lighting, plant equipment, and sockets to ensure they are in good condition with no concerning wear and tear. We’ll work with you to come up with a custom checklist that will catch problems before they arise, and fix them as needed.

Testing and tagging

We can test and tag your power tools, electrical appliances, and leads, providing peace of mind that they are safe to use. For tools, leads, and appliances used in construction and demolition, we recommend that they are tested once every three months.

Pre-purchase electrical inspections and reports for home buyers

Ensuring that all the electrics in a prospective home are safe and compliant should be a top priority for any buyer. MC Electrical can inspect a property to ensure that it meets the AS/NZS 3019:2007 standards and check every part of the wiring for wear, damage, and unsafe products. 

A pre-purchase electrical inspection comes highly recommended for any home more than 25 years old, or one which has not been inspected for more than ten years. We will provide a detailed report which outlines our findings, a certificate of verification and our recommendations for any repairs or replacements.

Stay safe with MC Electrical’s maintenance work and electrical inspections! It’s better to keep ahead of any issues with your wiring—give us a call to discuss what you need.

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