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From small repair or maintenance jobs to bigger projects like renovations and new builds, MC Electrical can take on all of your electrical projects.

We love the variety and have the skills for a wide range of electrical jobs all across the Wellington region.

When it comes to general electrical work, communication is critical. We take pride in our ability to clearly outline the extent of a project, offer quotes that are as accurate as possible, and generally make the whole process smooth and transparent. Alongside quality electrical work, we offer top-notch customer service which makes MC Electrical easy to deal with.

Flexibility is important in our line of work. Whether it’s a big renovation project with lots of moving parts to coordinate or a small repair job that has been pushed to the back of your list, we will help you to define what needs doing, provide accurate quotes, and then get it done. Our experience covers a very wide range of electrical work—kitchens, bathrooms, indoor and outdoor lighting and other fittings, commercial spaces, and much more. 

Take a look at some of the specific services we can provide, and get in touch if you have a project or repair in mind. We’d love to talk it through and help you tie up any electrical loose ends!

New Builds

Get your new build off to a flying start with quality electrical systems. We can help you to design the electrics for your project, do the work to a high standard, and communicate seamlessly with all involved parties throughout the process.



Buildings often outlast their electrical systems, making rewiring a safety necessity. MC Electrical can perform full or partial rewires to homes and buildings across the Wellington area.



Navigating the renovation process can be tricky and stressful. Experienced, friendly, and professional electricians make a big difference! Find out how MC Electrical can help. 


General &
LED lighting

Keep your spaces well-lit with our general and LED lighting options! There is so much that MC Electrical can design and install the perfect lighting solution for your home.



Upgrading your switchboard makes it tidier, easier to work with, and most importantly, much safer. MC Electrical offers switchboard upgrades to future-proof your home or building.


Electrical maintenance & inspections

Maintenance and upkeep of electrical appliances is crucial for companies who rely on power tools or electrical machinery to operate. Regular inspections, testing, and tagging keep everything running smoothly.


Supplying Electrical expertise to the Wellington Region