Cabling is at the core of any electrical installation, from the wiring throughout your property, to data cabling, to your mains supply.

MC Electrical is a reliable and professional electrician in Wellington and the surrounding regions, and our friendly team can assist with cabling projects for both residential and commercial projects.

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Rewiring in Wellington

Wellington is filled with beautiful character homes, but as the years add personality, they can also add an extra safety risk for wiring.

Older homes may require rewiring to improve safety, especially if they are still working with Vulcan Indianised Rubber (VIR), or Tough Rubber Sheath (TRS) wiring. Insurance companies won’t even insure your property if you have either of these materials present in your home.

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Data cabling in Wellington

Data cabling can provide faster and more reliable connections for homes and businesses in Wellington. Solid internet connections are now more important than ever, and cabling can help your network meet your expectations and needs.

MC Electrical offers solutions such as running a hard line for internet connections, or adding wireless access points (WAP) for greater and more reliable WiFi zones around the house and workplace.

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Mains cabling in Wellington

Most new homes and businesses in Wellington will need to be connected to a mains supply through mains cabling, which gives home and business owners access to the power grid.

MC Electrical can install new mains cabling or upgrade existing cabling to properties all over the city. This is usually if the property requires more energy, or if existing cabling is unsafe or unstable. We can also repair broken mains cables as required.

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your wiring, mains cabling, or data cabling, or simply need to install any of these electrical components in a new property, MC Electrical has the skills and qualifications to see the task through.
We’ll work with you to meet your requirements, follow all safety standards, and even turn up on time. Give us a call on 0800 MC WORK (62 9675) or reach out via our contact us page to drop us a line and discuss your project for a free, no-obligation quote.